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Milonga in Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Dear friends,

Welcome to Saint-Petersburg!

If you have a desire to dance tango in our wonderful city, we invite you to the milongas in the Mansarda Club. On this page you will find some information about our events and our space.

The name of our place is «Mansarda» means cockloft or attic because the first space we used for our tango club was in the attic. Then we moved to another place, and the name remained the same.

We hold milongas every Wednesday and every Sunday. The event starts at 8 pm and ends at 1 am.

It costs 300 rubles (about 4 euros).

We have everything for a comfortable stay at the milongas:

  • Wardrobe where you can leave the outer clothing and change shoes;
  • Women’s and men’s dressing rooms, in which you can change into dance clothes;
  • In the toilets there are cosmetic accessories, which you can use for free if necessary;
  • Drinking water and tea are available to you free of charge during the milonga;
  • Fresh brewed coffee, wine and other drinks are available in the bar with low prices;
  • The dance hall is ventilated;
  • You can relax and chat between tandas at tables with soft chairs or on sofas.

How to reach our place?

By metro:

  • You should go to the station «Ligovskiy prospekt»;
  • When you exit the subway, you need to cross the road on the underground passage opposite the exit from the metro station and go left along Ligovskiy ave;
  • After 200 meters between houses 113 and 115 along Ligovsky ave. you will see a thoroughfare on the right with black open gates. Go right inside.
  • After 45 meters on the right side you will see our door.

By taxi:

  • You need to call the operator or driver the address Ligovsky prospect 111-113-115;
  • When you leave the taxi between houses 113 and 115 you will see a thoroughfare with black open gates. Go right inside.
  • After 45 meters on the right side you will see our door.


Welcome to visit!

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